Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Poker Prof throws a great freeroll

While I'm on a trip to California, I get a chance to play in the Poker Prof's frist every free roll poker tournament. What a hoot! The first prize was only $50 or so, but everyone played very seriously. Even after we got down to the final 15 and in the money, no mad rush set in. These people really wanted to win.
Part of having a good time is playing well. I did OK, but I could just tell that I was out classed. I caught some lucky breaks and even held the chip lead a couple of times, but my lack of experience caught up with me. I really don't play well with a chip lead. Talk about lack of experience!!!
In any case, I finished 10 out of 193, made the final table and pocketed $5 for my trouble. I can learn a lot by playing with this group. They are running a WSOP sat in the next few days. How can I resist.
Dr. Pauly, Poker Prof, Maudie, and several other names I recognized, it was great meeting you. See you again soon.
CKPony ... aka ... Special K
UPDATE: Dr. Pauly as a great rundown on the whole event at

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