Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pub Poker Report

Angry Ale's 7/21/05

It was a good run, but it was not to be. I played tight boring poker most of the night winning a few hands without ever having to show for the first 2/3s of the night. One memorable hand with 3 table left and I had QQ on the button. I raised 3x on the button and the huge stack on the BB called. The flop is like T, 8, 6 rainbow. Check, check. The turn is a 9. Check, check. The river is a 2 with no flush possible. He pushes and I call saying “If you’ve got a seven, it is time for me to go home” and I turn over the ladies. He mucks, the damn thief.

Tighten again and hit a nice little run just before they broke into the final table. I hit that table with a nice middle stack.

I continued to play tight peeking (calling) at a few hands without hitting and start getting really short. With 8 players left and me at the #3 position, it’s called around to me and I push with Ah6h thinking steal and get a all in with half my chips from the BB with AA. One heart on the flop and hearts on forth and fifth street and I’m good to go. That dude was not happy. I don’t blame him.

After a drought of cards, I’m short stack when we get to 3 players left. I steal a few blinds and win a couple hands when my cards hit. I’m on the button with 66. I push with 20k not caring whether I get a call or not. Small blind calls (he had 24k) and the big blind folds (blinds were 2k,4k). After much confusion counting the chips, he turns over JJ which holds up. Had that hand come through, I would have had no problem with the 2nd stack.

So I ended up 3rd out of 50. I feel pretty good about my play and the outcome. Only the winner goes to the city tourney so I have next season to look forward to. Comments on my play are welcome.

Special K

BTW: We were only playing for pride. Too bad.

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