Sunday, October 01, 2006

And now for something completely different - Poker

This is supposed to be a poker blog occasionally, so I'm going to write something about poker.


I just got back from a friends house where we played a little cash game among friends. Everyone was friendly except the cards. It started out with my flopped two pair getting rivered by a bigger two pair. Then my set got all in against 2 other players and one of them turned a straight. And on it went like that. In 4.5 hours of poker, I won 4 hands. 4 frickn hands. The capper was at the end of the night when I went all in over the top of a small raise with AQ and got called by A9 suited. The first and forth cards off were both nines.

Poker Sucks. I quit (again). (vent complete)


jerry-is-stoke said...

Yeah, people can say what they want, poker is luck, everytime I go all in with AA i get beat.
LUck.. plain and simple

RadioMogul said...


How come there's no way to email you?

Radio Mogul

Special K said...

OK Radio. I'll tell you, but don't go spreading it around:

I look forward to catching up with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Special K, I NEED to get a hold of you. Could you please post an email where you can be reached? Thank you so much.