Thursday, February 08, 2007

A view inside the mind of Special K

The title guarantees that this post is going to be a jumbled mess.

I’m sitting in the airport in Wichita, Kansas; Wichita Mid-Continent Airport to be exact. This has been a real up-and-down trip. Wichita has been fine. The folk I’ve met here have been friendly, helpful and sometime overly respectful. I’ve been dealing with military folks and they can be that way sometime.

These people (Wichita in general) are painfully unassuming. They have few trappings of urban life and they like it that way. They must be some of the slowest drivers in the industrialized world. I try to be the second fastest driver in my area, but achieving this in Wichita has been a bigger test of my patience than my first marriage (sorry L).

I really like the way western cities and towns are laid out. It is so easy for strangers to get around. Traffic get dispersed among the many parallel street so that it doesn’t build up at choke points. It makes for easy living.

I love the airport. The baggage claim area has big red signs reminding you to pick up your firearms at the luggage office. They are the only airport that has desks with power and wired internet connections for regular passengers (see fuzzy cell phone picture). These folks are so thoughtful.

Today, I’m headed back to Charlotte. Traveling is so much easier now that I’m not doing it all the time.


So what else has Special K been up to?

I took a trip down to Dallas two weeks ago on business. Dallas is a big version of Charlotte. Unlike LA, NY, Vegas, and Seattle, there is not a lot there that I would go out of my way to see. I’ve done Dealey Plaza and its Kennedy assassination sights. Other than that, Dallas just seems to have the same stuff as the rest of the US. I can get that at home.


I’ve played some poker, of course. The game last weekend at Falstaff’s was fun, but my cards sucked. I pretty much spent the night talking and folding. On-line has been up and down and a waste of time that I can afford less and less.

(I actually wrote the following 8 hours before I heard that the Gov't may have siesed the money)
My Neteller withdrawal has yet to hit my bank account. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to not getting that money. I always knew that dealing with an on-line off-shore bank was risky and that loosing my money was a possibility. Heck, I lost off of it except for one quarter (yea, $.25) playing poker, but I built it back up to my original stake of about $300. Now I’m going to lose it on my first bet, Neteller. It was still pretty cheap entertainment, all things considered.

I’m trying to get back to working out. To me, that means mostly running. But as I heard a comedian say recently, I want to start working out, but it’s hard when you don’t want to. It is some much easier to fit in some poker than go to the gym. PGR on the Xbox360 ain’t a bad time waster either.


39 days to Vegas.


It was cold in Chicago on Monday. I won’t even ask what TripJax froze off in Ohio this week. I got to O’Hare about 10:30 Monday morning to find the temperature at minus 12 degrees. That was up from an overnight low of -25. Damn.

I got a good chuckle thinking about some of my fellow travelers who were coming back from the Super Bowl. These would be the Chicago fans who dropped a good chunk of change to get rained on while watching their team get their ass kicked only to get back home to below 0 temps. Chicago fans deserve it (sorry Radio).


Time to download some podcasts and get on the plane. Later.


TenMile said...

Thank you for the kind words to Wichita. We drive slowly?

Special K said...

Well, I'm from the center of the NASCAR world (Charlotte, NC). Maybe we just drive too fast here. Actually, there's no maybe about it.

briangre said...

yeah..and you can have your sub-whatever temps. I'm in Tampa was a balmy 50 when I left my hotel room this morning with an almost guarantee to hit 70 again today.


TripJax said...

Sadly, my johnson fell off. Now that's cold weather! Or maybe gonorrhea. I've written too much.