Sunday, June 03, 2007

A really good day

We woke up Saturday in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah. I say we because Mrs. K came with me for the first day of this trip. The trip is to present some training to my colleagues, but that doesn’t start until Monday. So Saturday was to be a day for me and the Mrs. without dogs or chores or anything like that. It ended up being a really good day.

We took a ride down to Mt. Ranier. The views were terrific. I’ll let you be the judge.
After our trip to the mountain we headed for the ballpark. It was a bit early, even for us, but we like to be there when the gates open and watch batting practice, get autographs, and see the park. Well, Seattle is different. Three hours before game time, the sidewalks were stuffed with dads, moms and kids, all decked out in teal and white. Turns out, this was “Thank you, Edgar” day, the day when the Mariners induct Edgar Martinez into the Mariner’s hall of fame.

So the show before the game was good, the game was good, the seats were good. It was just good. All of it. Now the wife is back in Charlotte. Training starts tomorrow. I’ll be on the opposite coast from home for over a week living in a nice hotel, eating restaurant food and working some. There will be some old friends to catch up with, some teammates to get to know better and maybe some poker to play. I’ll make it through somehow.

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CarmenSinCity said...

Oh good! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow and I we might have to talk about that radio shack thing. hehe