Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wild and crazy times

I've just been too busy to blog. Work and fun have had me running like crazy until today. Since work and fun have been balanced pretty well, that is not a complaint, it's just the fact.

For instance, last Saturday, Dr. K and I jumped on the Falstaff Boogie Express (it's really a toaster on wheels) for a trip to Brevard, NC. This was the site of the Mountain Music Festival that featured the greatest mandolin player in the world, Sam Bush. We arrive at the show about 5:30 and had just gotten settled on the grass when the crowd in the seated area just erupted. Since none of us were paying attention, we had to jump up to see what the commotion was about. Falstaff motioned me over and I saw an old silver-haired gent with a banjo. Since I don't always see real well, Falstaff had to clue me in to the fact that the new attraction was Steve Martin. Yea, that Steve Martin. The leader of the band made it clear that of all the special guests that they had hosted, Steve was easily the most recent. Steve was no slouch on the strings either. It was a good start to a great show.

Monday, I boarded a jet for Wyoming and the Tetons. I'm currently sitting in the Lake Jackson Lodge knocking out this post. This is what I see when I look to my right:


Here is a shot of Cowboy K from this morning:


Yea, work is tough today. Leave your sympathy notes in the comments. We pay for our fun tomorrow with a day full of meetings followed by a trip home on Friday. After that, this blog will go stale until October as I will be out of the country without internet service. I'll bring back tons of pictures from our European Vacation. I'll post a few more Jackson Hole pics later, so come back soon.


Easycure said...

Looks like the horse is allergic to you, with that surgical mask it's wearing and all...

Welcome to the pretty half of the U.S....if you makeit to Oregon, look me up.

Instant Tragedy said... is a good video of Martin's prowess... or I could go back to dueling banjos on the Muppet Show.

Hopefully you will enjoy your European Vacation.

"Look Doc, Big Ben, Parliment."

Have a safe one!