Friday, October 03, 2008

Following up on yesterday's post - Who's to blame

This video goes down the same path I started down yesterday, but it goes further to the source with more details and it names names. The results are stunning. If you have any open mind about the upcoming election (sorry Tony, that leaves you out) then you should watch this video. It is stunning.

Thanks to 23skidoo for post this video where I would catch it.

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23skidoo said...

The real problem at the end of the road is how to make things change for the better?

To be honest, I don't support either of these schiesters since they are both part of the same machine.

And now we're faced with exacerbating the problem or face a 'collapse'? Did we not lear form the government 'stimulations' from the great depression??

I'm really at a loss.