Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post Election Notes

  • So far, it looks like most Obama supporters are good winners.
  • The celebration of the Obama victory last night reminded me of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  That can't be a bad thing.
  • Just wondering, who voted for McCain (49%+ in NC), but not for McCrory (47%)?  There must be some Charlotte haters elsewhere in the state.
  • I heard one analyst  who said the youth vote for Obama was, in part, a "poke in the eye" to their elders who still see race as a factor.  I approve that message.
  • Both candidates for President said the right things last night.  We can all be proud Americans.
  • The Republicans would be smart to pick a few fights and not try to obstruct everything.  Not holding my breath for that.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed scare me more than ever and may have more power domestically than Obama as they control the agenda.
  • Along the same line, too much power on one side can be a bad thing.  I'm willing to wait and see about that. (Like I have a choice)


Falstaff said...

I think that there are a ton of Charlotte haters out there, and that (somewhat unfortunately) McRory was doomed from the start because of it. I wasn't a fan of either gubernatorial candidate. I'm also scared of Pelosi & Reid, but I think that most of the seats they picked up were by moderate/conservative "blue dog" democrats, which will hopefully reign them in a bit.

Anonymous said...

You will know that all restraint has been cast aside when the democrats in the Senate do away with the fillibuster. If they keep it, we will all be better served.


While typing this I created my 2nd best Freudian typing slip; #1 is conslutant, #2 is now demoncrat!