Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bashing Obama?

No.  Actually, I'm not bashing the President.  I don't really know enough about the case or the evidence behind it to have an opinion.  I got accused of bashing because of my post yesterday, but that person missed the point, as did probably most of the Obama supporters who read it.  It was actually bashing them.  Let me explain.

The post was written and posted to to be exact.  So if the democrats are against the President on this decision, what does it have to do with other Obama supporters?  Just the fact that this posting is an example of intellectual integrity that has been missing from the opinions of many of the President's supporters.  The site had a problem with the CIA's interviewing skills and GWB's handling of the facts.  When the new President used the same strategy, they still objected.  Good for them.  I disagree, but they are being consistent.

What I would love to know (and never will) is how many Obamers made excuses for the President or reacted with some additional negative feelings to this writer, or maybe just choose not to consider it at all?  It is a very human thing to do, though not smart or honest.

So what was your reaction?  That's rhetorical.  I don't really care to know.  I think in most cases I already do.  That is one that is best if asked of yourself.  My hope is that this exercise might have bleed some arrogance and politics from the Debate (the general debate) and added some healthy skepticism about the motives and methods of those who govern, be they GOP or Dem.  Staking your position on issues is fine if you have some reasoning behind your decision.  Binding you politics to one man is dangerous and frankly un-American.

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