Monday, May 11, 2009

Vegas Poker May 2009

If I were superstitious, I might find an outside factor to blame on my reversal of fortune, but being superstitious is bad luck, so I won’t go there.  I got really bad cards for the last two and a half days and made a few bad calls along the way, so I could blame myself and the normal variance in poker.

Naaaa.  I think this about sums it up:


This is actual data.  I made a quick chip count every time I hit the button.  I then multiplied the number of entries by 7.8 to get the hand estimate.  You can see where I got felted 4 times in about 4 days and won the very last hand before heading to the airport Monday morning (QQ) holds up.

I also tracked the number AA KK and QQ hands I was dealt.  I saw AA 5 times, KK 7 times, and saw QQ 5 times.  Statistically, I should have seen each about 3.75 times, so no complaints there.  I would have done better had I not seen them at all.

One of the oddest things to happen involved an all-in by a player that was not a full re-raise.  Say Player 1 checks, Player 2 then bets 2 BB, and Player 2 (short stack) calls.  Player 1 then raises to 6 BB.  Player 2 calls and Player 3 goes all in for say 9 BB the first bet.  Player 1 then asks if the betting is now reopened and is told no.  Player 2 is now allowed to go all in for 13 BB.  It happened at the Venetian when I was Player 1.  I still haven’t figured that one out.  I called and split the pot with Player 3 so I’m not unhappy.

Other Interesting tidbits":

  • Mandalay Bay has some really odd rules like no chopping and sign-up for comp time is done on a paper card at the desk.
  • Excalibur has Strip Poker on Saturday nights.  A stripper actually gyrates on a soap box in the poker room.  She does wear a small bikini.
  • Excalibur also has PokerPro automated poker tables.  I’m not a fan.  I spent too much time trying to get my cards to show distracting me from the game.  I guess that would go away with time, but I don’t plan to spend it.
  • Binion’s in Downtown Vegas has had a makeover.  The poker room has moved and is very nice.  a new sports bar/restaurant sits in the middle of the casino level.  I enjoyed my dinner there.
  • The Center City development looks incredible.  Sorry, I didn’t get a pictures.  You’ll either have to trust me or go see for yourself.
  • The min-raise for a utg straddle in a 1-2 NLH game is up to the house.  I asked in several different places and got both $6 and $8 as answers.
  • Naked women (or nearly so) walk around in the Shops at the Venetian.  They look more silly than sexy.
  • PokerTek, maker of the automated PokerPro tables is based near Charlotte, NC where poker is very illegal.  Go figure.
  • Harrah’s proved to be a fine place to stay on the strip.  Location, facilities and price were all good.
  • The Venetian was in the process of literally booting up its new player tracking system as I was leaving Monday morning.  It was probably in use by noon.  Players will now be clocked in and out at the table instead of at the desk.

Despite my poor play, it was a good trip and has me looking forward to the next one, probably in October.

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BWoP said...

Ouch. It was nice to see you though :-)