Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sometimes, things just happen.  I’ve gotten too old to let my ignorance as to why bother me.  Then again they can be such little things that suddenly become very important to someone else.  Thankfully, this time it appears to be a good thing.

What the heck am I writing about.  This morning I get a Tweet from my buddy Falstaff.  He is trying to build a writing career and is really still in the startup phase.  Not the writing part, the career part.  Instead of just spamming everyone he knows or directly begging for money, he asked everyone who got the tweet to “Email someone that you think would like my writing and give them a link to this site.”  Since this was a great idea and I generally want to support his writing, I decided to help him out and send the email.

I don’t know many people who I would describe as touchy-feely in a poetic sense, but I thought my friend LB (who also happens to be my ex-wife) might just fit the bill.  So I fired off an email and went on with the day.

After a little bit of audio work and computer work and Christmas shopping I return to my email to find a couple of mails from LB.  To paraphrase it in short, it read – “Our friend MI’s boyfriend BS found someone else and is moving out.  MI’s chemo is having some bad side effects.  I couldn’t afford a ticket to be with her.  I told mutual friend WB who sent a ticket, no questions asked.  I’ll move back to CLT as soon as a job opens up.  My boyfriend CH won’t move to NC, but I need to be there.  I’ll be with MI Christmas day. I was so happy to hear from you.  See you soon.”

Wow!  If there was ever a year when I was just going through the motions of Christmas, this would be that year.  But when you see the kindness and selflessness of folks like LB and WB and the rough times that befall nice folks like MI, it both restores and calls to action.  People really aren’t as bad as I’ve been feeling that they are (BS may be an exception).  There really are more good ones than bad ones.

So from a simple favor I get so much in return.  That is likely not to be the end of that story.  Now I have to figure out just how I can help.  It would be good to help out to bridge the gap until LB can get to town.  We’ll see what the season will bring.


Jim The Knife said...

CK, you are one wierd fellow. You send out an e-mail to support your friend (a mutual friend I might add) and you get back a mess of an answer regarding people who broke up, one with cancer (I presume cuz of chemo therapy) and just talk about themselves or others.... and you found this positive?
Did I miss something or did your ex completely ignore the reason for your e-mail in the first place??

Special K said...

I found it both positive and challenging. Seeing how some people rally to a friend's side is truly inspiring. Hearing about a friend in need is an opportunity to make a difference. Yes, the original email did get a bit lost, but it pales in comparison to what came back, so it is understandable. My being weird is a totally different topic. :)

Falstaff said...

Now I know how LB found my site and commented on one of my recent poems. So she did follow the link, as well as giving you a chance to help somebody out. Thanks for the referral!