Monday, August 15, 2005

Greer, SC Police raid a $100 buy-in poker tourney

Here is the full story:

Notice that they placed the club house under surveillance and getting a search warrent, the went in a busted these threats to society. They don't want these guys getting off on a technicality, do they? Could they not have just walked in and asked the guys to break up the game? Do they have to fine them over $1k a piece and take the computer? This seems abusive to say the least.

As the AG's spokesman stated, there is no gray area in the law when it comes to playing poker for money. I wonder, did any of these officers drive any faster than the posted speed limit on the way to the bust? Is the law gray in this area? Don't they think speeding is more of a public hazard than $100 poker?

No, the truth is probably that their bosses saw an opportunity to make some easy headlines and make expample of these guys. Maybe the chief lives in that neighborhood and dosn't like the extra 10 cars on his street. Who knows.

But there are much better things that the Greer police and State Law Enforcement officers could be doing with tax money. How many girls under the age of 15 gave birth at South Carolina hospitals last year? I'll bet the number was in the hundreds or thousands. How much more evidence of alleged criminal activity do they need, or are there shades of gray when it comes to raping young girls? Why don't they track down these rapists and lock them up? The girls probably know who got them pregnant. Do they even ask?

I am sure that these officers are good folks and most are heros individually, but if they ask themselves questions like these, they probably have troble sleeping some nights. I would.

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