Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Poker Abby: How best to kick a loser?

Dear Poker Abby:

Playing in a 1/2 NL home game (in a state other than NC), the game is fairly passive before the flop, lots of limpers, occasionally a random non-sensical raise (raise to $20). I've got 98s in the BB. about 6 people limp to me, i check. Flop is AKQ, two spades. I check, checked around. turn is the 4 of spades, giving me a flush. There is about $10 in the pot. I check, another player checks, its now on a player who plays decently but has been getting beat all night. He grabs a stack of greens and throws it out with a flare saying "this much." Now, greens are $25. His stack he threw was $150. all fold to me. He has about $40 left. I have him covered. Call, raise or fold?

Flushed in Philly


Dear Flushed,

Weak means strong, strong means weak. He’s acting weak (“I dunno, I guess I’ll just bet these” as opposed to “I raise you $136.57!”), therefore he’s strong. Fold.
People generally don’t talk when they’re bluffing, but they do when they’ve got a big hand. Some players get chatty when they make a big hand with bad cards. If you think your opponent is this sort of player, then you’re still in trouble, as there are more two-card flush hands bigger than yours than smaller, so you’re still not really getting odds. Remember too you can still get drawn out on.
Now, if you REALLY think he’s on tilt, it’s possible that he’s betting his straight, disgusted that he’s been drawn out on just again. But as a general rule, don’t call the chatty bettor.
if you want to risk your stack and roll the dice call and hope he's holding a strong hand that he slow-played on the flop (e.g. set or straight) and he's trying to insanely protect once he sees the scare card (3rd spade.) Obviously the safer play is to fold and risk your money when you have more of a clue about where people are at. So unless he has thrown out chips like this before, get out of the way.

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