Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Yea, it's been a while. So what.

Absolutely no one has asked “What’s up with Special K?” Well tough, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Things are good, though they have been better. Those in my families who were sick are healing. Mr. C continues to recover from surgery. He is free of all foreign objects in his body. He has been cleared to drive and took that as an opportunity to go to Charleston, SC for lunch. For those who don’t know Carolina geography, that’s a 6 hour round trip for lunch. I am so glad he feels up to it.

My grandmother is doing better physically, but mentally she just isn’t there like she was just a few months ago. I’m sad for her. I’m sad that she has been sick and in pain. I’m sad that she doesn’t seem to have anything to look forward to. All of her friends and family of her generation is gone already. She did a great job in raising a great daughter (my mom) and son. Hell, she raised her brothers and sisters, so she raised kids through the depression and a world war. She was a fun Grandmother with way more patience than I deserved. I’m in no hurry to see her go. It’s just sad.

I’m traveling again. This time I’m in beautiful Atlanta, GA. It sure isn’t Jamaica. At least the weather was nice in J. Atlanta is probably the lease exciting big city I can think of. That’s because it is so much like Charlotte, just bigger. The tea is sweeter. The accents are thicker. The traffic is worse. Please take me home where my bed is softer and warmer.

My travel schedule is busy for January. I have one more week of potential ‘last minute’ travel on busniss. The second week of Jan is for study at (or near) home. Week 3 is for training for which I will travel to Redmond, WA. Then I return to CLT for the weekend before flying to Vegas with BG and Andres the Colombian. Rounders Mag and Zero Tilt Poker is having another event while I am there. That should make for another great time.

I’m going to miss Gold Preferred status on US Airways this year by 6000 miles. L

Christmas time was marked with catching up with folks I knew in High School. It was fun catching up with Jennifer and Tony (you can catch up with Tony at

I got everything on my Christmas list this year. It pays to keep your list short.

God, thank you for my wife. I just can’t say that enough.

I’ve decided that ‘American Idol’ is a good thing. I’m not about to start watching, but the music that is coming out of the winners (I count Clay as a winner) is not bad. Unlike Rap, it is at least musical. I has been awhile since there has been any good new music on the radio.

Poker is on for next Friday night. Pool is on for Tuesday. Y’all go find your own fun.



Anonymous said...



For groovy music, check out: Musica Obscura

SpoileChile said...

Sorry to hear about your Gran...she sounds like a great woman.

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Tony Plutonium said...

Good to hear from you, CK! And you're correct about Atlanta - I find very little to recommend it. Have a great New Year!

Benoit Lapierre said...

Happy new years from Canada
Your blog is very interesting.
Keep on going !

'Thought & Humor' said...

There is a time for everything,
a season for every activity
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time to plant and a time to
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a time to heal. A time to
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a time to laugh. A time to
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A time to scatter stones
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A time to embrace and a
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May 2006 be
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Dr. Howdy

starbender said...

Happy New Year!!!!

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cannbenne said...

Well, it sounds like my life. Somethings are wonderful, and others are the pits. But we must move on. You have to say this much for your grandmother, she lived a busy and fufilled life. She worked hard for others, and when her time does come. She will have blessed us all with her presence. I do hope that she lives for as long as possable though, and can enjoy a few more good years.
Keep on Blogging

Shaun said...

Great site!:)

Zero Tilt poker eh?


Raven said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother I lost mine last year.

All I can say is talk to her, and tell her EVERYTHING you ever wanted to say to her. Include the words Thank you. I had a bit of a language barrier with my grandma, but I wish we would have spoken more in spite of it.

Regret is a terrible burden.

Good luck in the poker tourney.

Faith said...

Glad to see you posting again

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