Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top 9 ways you know you spent too long in Vegas after returning to work

9. You wonder what happened to the shoe shine guy in the men's room.
8. You catch yourself scanning the cafeteria for hookers.
7. It's 5:30 and you wonder why everybody is going home.
6. You are disappointed that you can't get shrimp or crab legs at the 'buffet'.
5. The only Elvis impersonator is Pilipino and there is only ONE.
4. Boss is real tired of poker references in business meetings ("We need to go all-in to make this deal.").
3. You are surprised to wake up refreshed.
2. You hang out in front of the office waiting for the valet.
1. Oh, so THAT'S the sun.


Anonymous said...

A couple more:

- You pull out your player rewards card when you go into a meeting with your manager

- You try to tip a co-worker who brings you water

- You try to type faster so you can get more work done... before the blinds go up

- Your lungs cough, not accostumed to the clean, cigarrete-smoke-less air

- When you come home at night, you wonder if they have lower limit tables across the street.


Meg said...

You walk out mid-meeting to quit while you're ahead...

The Answer Man said...

Your wife says "All in?" and you have to stop and think about it.

Anonymous said...

I was in Big Rapids playing a little tournament worth $1000.00. After beating out at least 15 rednecks I lost. When I called, raised, or checked they were in and drunk. When they called against each other it was always check to the river. Something was strange. The owner workers sat down for a game. I could'nt believe it. Poker table teams. Never go into a small country city with big dreams. Outsiders get crushed.