Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vegas Wrap

Man, that was a week. Much more fun like that will kill me.

Sleeping is definitely optional. I've got a short turn around this week.

I got in from Vegas on Sunday afternoon and I leave for Denver tomorrow morning. I'll have to keep this post short as there is still much to do between now and flight time.

Let me start with Vegas highlights. We played poker. We played tournaments, and ring games.

I played in 8 tourneys and moneyed in 3. That's great and I wouldn't expect to do that well again. The bad news is that my luck at the ring games was bad. So bad, in fact, that after carefully keeping track of wins and losses over the 5 days of poker, I came out dead even. $0.00. I couldn't believe it when I added it up last night. I had fun playing so that makes the trip a winner.

According to the hookers in Vegas, I have very nice eyes. Who could argue with that. BTW, they never touched me or saw more skin that my face and hands, so stop thinking what you are thinking.

It was great fun seeing a friend of a friend talking to a hooker in front of the Mirage and then seeing him asked about it the next morning and seeing him wonder how the hell we knew.

Did I mention that I won a poker tournament in Vegas! Golden Nugget's evening tourney. I came back from just 3 $100 chips (starting amount was about $2500). My buddy BG made the final table as well. When I took 3rd at the Aladdin two days later, BG won the thing. That is very cool.

I got threatened to be tossed out of the MGM poker room for saying 'Bullshit.' I really didn't know that was still cussing. I left anyway.

While at the MGM, I had the most wonderful hand of poker of the whole trip. I was in the big blind of a $2-4 limit ring game. There were two young drunks 2 and 3 seats to my right. I'd been watching them raise absolute trash for a while. They would push and push until they either won the pot or folded that trash on the river. It really pissed me off.

On my hand, I picked up 89s and had to call one raise from drunk punk #1 (DP1). We saw the flop with 4 players. The flop was 789 rainbow. DP2 bets. I raise and other player folds. DP1 raises. DP2 calls. I cap it and the DPs complete the betting.

The turn is a unsuited Q and the madness starts again with DP2 calling the whole way to the cap between me and DP1. I'm a bit worried that DP1 flopped a straight, but he's been playing such trash, I can't ease up now.

The river is the sweetest 8 I ever saw. DP2 checks and folds as me and me and DP1 raise and reraise. After I'm reraised, I ask the dealer if there is a cap now that we are heads up (talk about a tell) and he says that there is since we started with 3. Crap! So we cap it and DP1 smirks and turns over pocket 7s for a full house, 7s full of 8s. It did my heart and bank roll good to look him in the eye as I turned over 8s full of 9s to take a huge pot (about $136). DP1 wasn't so chatty or pushy after that. I never said another thing. :)

A good time was had by all but I don't need to see any more poker for at least a week. On to Denver for business and a couple days skiing. Be good.


brianna said...

i spent the weekend in vegas mydamnself. you weren't the person who started that huge street brawl, were you? :)

Beth said...

god, I want to go to Vegas... Sounds like a great time!

justincase said...

Sounds like a better time than I had.

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Hemal Desai said...

that sounds fun...

was wondering on blogger and stumbled at your blog.

Hello, to a new friend

Shannon said...

I see you live in NC! I just moved from VA to Alaska. I used to live in Vegas...waaaay out of the Bible Belt. It was a blast! Alaska is beautiful...no ticks! Here's me:

2 Joshua said...

Vegas. Now thats a mission field!!!!

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Mathias said...

How do I live this life again?

Kamara said...

Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless it's really spicy:)
Just wish to connect and share my blog with you.

True Redneck said...

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EmailHosting.com said...

That's great! You've gotta love poker. What would life be without it?

yep, it's me.... said...


©DeRodeStad said...

ever been to the Bill Gates -estate? must be a heaven of electronics I imagine...

briangre said...

One slight correction from BG... it was the Sahara and not Aladdin's.

:-) but it was much fun without a doubt, SpecialK! We'll have to hook that boat up again.

Kamara said...

Hello Id like to share my blog with you. Thanks for your time and attention.

roslyn said...

I've never been to Vegas, but I loved how u plowed the DPs! Your 9 things made lol :)

Hondo said...

Vegas is awesome!!! I like your Hold-em play-by-play.