Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Vacation Time

I’ve had my break from blogging. Now it is time to get back to play.

It’s vacation time. For Mrs. K and me, that means baseball. Three years ago, when the term blog had not even been invented (AFAIK), I blogged the baseball trip that we took to the mid-west. That trip took us to 9 games at 8 different parks in 10 days (throwing in the Field of Dreams in Iowa on our day off).

For the next week, we will be traveling around the state of Califorina on a quest to visit all five major league baseball parks in 6 days.

The ininerary looks something like this:

Saturday August 12 Arrive San Francisco
Sunday August, 13 Tampa Bay @ Oakland (1:05 pm)
Monday August, 14 Travel Day (Hwy 1 – Pacific Coast Highway)
Tuesday August, 15 San Francisco @ San Diego (7:05 pm)
Wednesday August,16 Florida Marlins @ LA Dodgers (12:10 pm)
Thursday August, 17 Seattle Mariners @ LA Angles (7:05)
Friday August, 18 LA Dodgers @ San Francisco Giants (7:15 pm)
Saturday August 19 Depart San Francisco

As an added challenge and pleasure, this year we will add my nephew Greg to the trip for the last four games. Greg is one of those kids who was born as an adult. He is easy going, quiet, and a general pleasure to be around. Come to think of it, that is better than most adults I know. As I write this, he is on a scout canoe trip down the Colorado river. That will keep him from joining us until Tuesday. I hope he is not totally worn out and home-sick when we get him. It will be understandable if he is not at his best, but I won’t be surprised if he does great.

After the week of baseball, I put Mrs. K on a plane home, I put Greg on a plane to his home near Denver, and I get on a plane to meet my pool team in Vegas. Yep, this will be my third trip to Vegas in as many months. Of course there will be lots of pictures and text on my adventures there, as well.

Right now, I am in Reagan National Airport awaiting my flight home. I had a last minute business trip to the Executive Office of the President. That is pretty heady stuff for me. It took me about an hour to fix the problems. Good thing since the baseball adventure starts tomorrow morning.

It’s no wonder that I keep hearing Sanatra singing “Come Fly with Me” over and over in my head. Travel, Baseball, Wife, Poker, Sanatra, Vegas, Pool… It’s all good.

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