Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today is LA

Today we hit LA.

As I mentioned yesterday, we start today in San Diego and we need to get to Dodger Stadium by Noon for the start of the Dodgers and the Florida Marlins. We zoom on the drive up I-5 until we hit the LA County line. That is where we loose our HOV lane. That is also the first time we need an HOV lane, wouldn’t you know.
No matter. We have plenty of time built into the schedule (well, 30 minutes). We creep and crawl for a while, but get moving enough to get us in the area on time. I was really surprised that there were no signs to the stadium until you get right there. It is not far at all from downtown LA at the confluence of I-5, I-10, and 101, but unless you know to turn onto 110, you would never know it was there.

Though the stadium is near the urban core, it looks and feels like a suburban park. Once in the ravine, you don’t see any buildings of any size. The only parking is in the large lots adjacent to the ball park. The park itself is nice. It has good views and reasonably wide seats. I would never guess that it is the third oldest major league ballpark (1963). It has the same feel as the new single-use parks like Petco Field and Camden Yards.

The game was a wild one. The Fish broke out to a 4 run lead in the top of the first. The dodgers broke back for 2 of their own, but they would never catch the Marlins. The Dodgers pitching was bad. Their fielding was bad. But the brats and the fans were good. Between innings, the jumbo-tron started showing dancing fans. One of the fans that they focused on was a very pretty young woman in a small bikini top.. As soon as she knew she was on, she lept to her feet, raised her hands high above her head and began wildly shaking two of the biggest boobs I have ever seen. She got very little air time. Dodger stadium is a family friendly place, damn it.

The game ended 15-4 in favor of the visitors from the east. We are now at the pool of our hotel contemplating ordering pizza delivery and a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we tour LA and watch the Angels take on the Mariners. Later.

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Mathias said...

It is always good to see a large breasted fan enjoying the game! LOL!