Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another Special K Day

Last night was national chicken wing night. It’s not really ‘National’ chicken wing night, but it was the night that me and Mrs. K head to Hooters for wings and beer. After arriving home, I head into the bathroom to floss. My teeth like to hold onto chicken, so I make it a point to floss after wings.

Luckily I was flossing earlier than usual, around 10 pm, and as I was finishing up, I feel this piece of bone or tooth or something loose in my mouth. I spit is out and still couldn’t tell what is was by looking at it. I quickly feel around with my tongue and don’t feel anything out of place. So I head up stairs to check e-mail and that’s when I felt it. I had the big crater in the space between my first and second molars. It obviously didn’t hurt and wouldn’t be a problem in most situations, but at the time I was scheduled to leave for a week in northern California at 7:30 am tomorrow.

What if I leave and start to feel worse tomorrow? What if I break it worse because I didn’t have it fixed? Crap. I had to go, but I was unsure of what to do. Of course, the wife talks some sense into me by telling me to call the dentist. It took me a while, but I found the number and gave it a call. The message on the phone plays for about 3 seconds and then stops. I try again. Better luck this time.

I get the name and number of the on-call dentist. It’s the lady dentist that I’ve never seen and her number starts with the area code of 734. Well the main area code in Charlotte is 704, so I know that is a mistake and dial the 704 number. No such number. OK, I’m the dumbass that can’t follow instructions. I dial the 734 number and get her right away.

She agrees to see me at 9 am on Saturday morning. Next I call the travel service to change my flight to a later time. There is only one choice for a change here, and that choice will cost and extra $450. Ouch. I put that off and called to try to find a dentist through my brother who lives in the bay area, but that came up empty. I called the travel service back and reserve the later flight then go get some sleep.

Travel day went a lot better. I got in and out of the dentist office in about 10 minutes. There was no serious damage. I got a temporary filling and was on my way. When I got to the airport, the rush continued. I got upgraded to first class for both legs of the trip (CLT to LAS to SFO). I was sure that the last minute changes would put me in the back of the plane in a center seat after I cleared the TSA cavity search, but none of that happened. I even got to watch the Kentucky Derby during my layover in Vegas. That's some good timing.

The day ended with a nice dinner and walk through Palo Alto with my brother and sister-in-law.

So let’s recap – A trip to the dentist, home for breakfast, airport, Vegas, Kentucky Derby, San Francisco, dinner in Palo Alto, sleep. Just another day in the life of Sepcial K. Sheeesh.

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