Saturday, May 05, 2007

Off to Vegas?

It seems that I’m writing most of my posts from various airports. If I’m not posting, it must mean that I’m not traveling. I’ve traveled so much over the past few years that not traveling means that I’m happy and content. Traveling is exciting in a way, but I like my home. The thought of traveling is also exhausting. It means long days filled to the brim with work.

Today’s trip is no exception. I’m waiting on the 1:10 flight to Las Vegas. I stop typing there because I like to look and sound of it. I’m waiting on the 1:10 flight direct to Vegas. I even have first class from the upgrade. The big Mayweather-De LaHoya fight is tonight at the MGM and that has absolutely nothing to do with this trip. I’ll spend about an hour in the airport before I fly on to San Francisco and the sight of this week’s technical workshop.

I will get to spend a few hours with my younger brother in Los Altos which should be fun. AK will be a Microsoft employee in a couple weeks. He has always kidded me about my affiliation with the Giant from Redmond. Now he will be one of us as his employer has been purchased. I look forward to his perspective and that of his co-workers.

I almost didn't make this trip. Last night it was looking pretty grim when I pulled part of a tooth off while flossing. I'll have to spell that out later. The floght is starting to board.

More on this trip coming at future stops.

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