Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Images from Camp Comet

This past weekend, a reunion was held for the campers, counselors, and staff of Camps Wohelo, Comet, and Comet Trails. I spent three summers at Camp Comet as a counselor (81,82, and 83). It was a hard, great, happy, frustrating, and growing time for everyone. I did not attend the reunion, but I have heard from several folks who attended the camp.

Interest seems to be high. Some folks have found this blog though Google searches and contacted me about a picture that I posted over a year ago. So in the interst of giving them something to find when they get back here, I'm posting a few more pictures that I have from those days.

Enjoy (Click the pictures for bigger versions)

This was my gang in my second summer at camp. The names were (front from L to R) Matt, Jason, Richard, and Antonio (Standing from L to R) Steve, Andy, David, Saul, Oscar, and Brad. Of the three summers, this was easily my favorite group.

This is a picture of Matt and Andy out on beautiful Lake Comet (snicker).

This is a picture of the star of one of the street hockey matches. He was one of the nicest kids but tough as nails when it came to hockey.

Here is a picture of Special K from 1983 with a couple of friends from Wohelo.

And finally, the original picture (cleaned up a bit) of the gang that made the summer of 1982 special. I hope you are all doing well.


FotoLinda said...

Great photos- the camp database is up to 1060- let me know if I can put you in touch with any past friends!

Linda Epstein
camper 1975-1982

chris said...

Hello Linda and Special K...I was a counselor in 81 with some of those kids you had in 82...I remember the girl counselors who are standing next to you, what are all of your names...My name is Chris Lindstrom I have alot of pictures and recording of final talent show which has always given me a chuckle...especially the two british counselors.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool. Just happened to do a search
on Camp Comet. I was a counselor there
in 81 also. Some of the kids/counselors
do look familiar. My name is Ken Marshall.
I had the 7-8 year olds and was a swim instructor.

Anonymous said...

I was a counselor there in the summers of '83 & '84. I was the all powerful "Lake Head" at Lake Comet. From Steve Kells.

Bob Mullin said...

I was a councilor at Comet Trails for 1973 and again in 1975. I was the color war captain (white team) in 73 and head councilor in 75. I was the bane of Tony Zanin existance for my late nights out with fellow councilors Bracken Rourke, Gary Besosa, Peter Briggs and Steve Butler. Many fond memories.

Blog, MD said...

The "Matt" in your photos is my brother, Matt Blackman.

Special K said...

Thanks for posting your comment MD. I hope you and Matt are both doing well.