Monday, September 10, 2007

More Fun with Old Pictures

My last post of old pictures was so much fun, I decided to dig through some really only pictures and see if there was anything fun in there. I found a few that you might enjoy.

This is one of the first pictures that I ever took with my own camera. I was about 10 or 11. I sold Christmas cards in August to earn enough points to buy a camera. The guy in the picture was a friend of my older brother. Notice in this shot how much room he has between the sofa and the table. I took this shot with a nice strong flash so I'm sure there is no way he hit the ball.

This is my younger brother on the family minibike. I wish I had gotten more bike in the shot, but I love the massive amount of tape that is holding the gas tank onto the bike. I'm sure that was safe! This 'kid' is now making some of the software that will blow peoples minds over the next 12 months. You go boy.

Here is a shot of Special K's wheels that he drove through high school and college. It was wore out by the time I was done with it.

Here is a pic of Special K from '79 when he was a pole vaulter at Independence High School. Look, I'm really skinny with definition in my arms and legs. What the heck happened. My buds Marvin (hood) and Ansle are seated. I won this particular meet (Queen City Relays). One of the guy I beat that day was a guy named Ben Browder. He went on to be in some Si-Fi shows or something (Stargate SG-1 actually). Two weeks after this shot, Ben told me he hoped to become an actor. "Sure, sure, Ben. Whatever." Good job, Ben!

Here is a shot of my dorm hallway at the end of my first weekend at Carolina. You may note the multiple cases of beer, boxes of KFC chicken and Domino's Pizza and other various levels of trash. Good intro, guys.

Finally, one of my favorites. This is a picture from the summer before my senior year in high school. Note the metal LCD digital watch, short tennis shorts and and a bit more hair than I currently sport. Oh, yea, the guy who wouldn't leave me alone till I took a picture with him was some Senator or something. Hehe. Good times.


Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!! I remember some of that!

USNA [Ancient Mariner] said...

the old fart -and that's being extremely generous- appears to be jesse helms, former rebubbacan n. car. senator and, unless it's an award of some sort, I believe it's a "metal" watch [band]

Special K said...

Thanks for the correction USNA. You are right about the old fart's name, but he is still a 'republican.'