Thursday, July 03, 2008

Iraq - Day 18

I'm just going to put up a short post today.  It is going to get super busy as the ball of life picks up speed as it rolls toward my departure tomorrow night.  I have to fix the rest of the DB corruption, run a three hour class on SQL Server (maybe I can give it again at Oki-Vegas :) ).  Then I have to pack, sleep, work and then leave.  Tomorrow afternoon will, no doubt, drag out longer than a Yanni concert.

I'll be home Saturday morning.  I'll probably have some closing thoughts then.  I'll be back in the states soon.  Thank goodness.


Instant Tragedy said...

Only if you can do it while I'm on the lake. "Yeah, I'm going to have ask for you to come in on Saturday!"


Have a safe trip and see you at Okie Vegas

Anonymous said...

Here's an early welcome back for you! You'll be surprised at how much life has changed while you've been gone. The odd part is that it will only have changed for you. Relax. Enjoy seeing things from a little different perspective. Most importantly, have patience. You have been under a lot of stress and it will take a while to dissipate. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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