Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Situation in Review

Let's review the current situation:

- Oil and Gas prices are dropping rapidly

- The surge in Iraq worked.

- Home foreclosures have leveled off or are dropping slightly

- Google is doing evil (dropping page ratings for bloggers whos links don't play by Google's rules)

- Apple is forcing their software onto Windows machines (first Safari and now MobileMe)

- Microsoft is showing signs of embracing Open Source

- The economy grew in the second quarter so there will be no recession during the current Bush administration.

Whatever will people bitch about now?


Falstaff said...

- Restrictor Plate Racing
- NFL preseason is too long
- Doping in the Tour de France
- iPod DRM
- Suburbans in Compact spots in Parking Garages
- Ticketmaster fees
- Where's my Habeus Corpus (sp?)
- Designated Hitters
- Instant Replay
- Lack of Instant Replay
- Tony Stewart is a douche
- Tony Stewart always gets picked on

You knew I could find something, right?

Oh yeah, don't forget - the media's irresponsible handling of the recession (or lack thereof, despite CNN's best attempts to spark one).

Jim The Knife said...

-Cell Phone conversations when you're trying to eat
-Finger Pointing as an art form
-Bad Beat stories
-Political attack ads
-Half truths
-4-Wheel drives in the sunny South
-I-Pod use at your home game
-Safety nets for greedy financial organizations

I just couldn't resist.