Monday, December 08, 2008

Obama, Poker and Bingo

So in the after math of the election, what with Obama in the spot light, and McCain, (well who knows exactly where he is), all the poker followers, players and experts are hoping that Obama does so something in the way of legalizing poker in the United States. This will open up so many channels for US players to partake in poker tournaments, free rolls and games small and large. There are only a select few companies which are currently taking the risk of serving US players, but so many more will diversify into the US market once OL poker. It can be practically 50% of their revenue. Incomes can practically double! Pacific Poker for one, is patiently waiting for the market to become what it once was. But Pacific Poker is just one out of the many that is waiting to steadily pounce on the new opportunities. I feel that online poker as an industry is in for some pleasant surprises in the near future. Online gaming sites have already diversified their variety of games to online bingo backgammon and even pool. The world wide web is not what it used to be!

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