Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time Shift

(Heidelberg, Germany) - It is the weekend of a business trip to Europe.  It is the part of traveling as a part of my job that sounds exciting, but right now, it is not.  I'm not making very good use of the opportunity and I know it.  There is very little I enjoy doing by myself that is offered here in Heidelberg and I'm just not up to traveling across Europe this weekend.


This is Germany in December (above is the view from my hotel room).  The sun has not shown clearly during this whole visit and it is not expected to soon.  The temperature is just above freezing.  It has also been there since I arrived.  We are only getting about 7 hours of daylight per day.  All of that combined keeps me in my hotel room except for adventures out for food or supplies.  Is beer a supply or food?

As many readers of this blog know, this is the weekend of the annual winter gathering of the poker bloggers in Vegas.  Many of my internet friends are flesh and blood and having a good time as I write. 

The really freaky part happens when I do the math and figure out what is happing in Vegas as I do my thing here in Germany.  The time difference puts me 9 hours ahead of Vegas.  Add in the time shift that one does when in Vegas (going to bed 3 to 5 hours later than usual, if at all), and the difference seems like we are on different planets.  For instance, this morning when I awoke at 9 am, it was only midnight in Vegas.  Those girls and boys were just hitting their stride and most would not even think about bed until it was lunch time for me.  Right now the sun is well past setting at 6:45 pm.  The time is 9:45 am in Vegas and few bloggers are to be found outside of their rooms (or someone's room) save those that have yet to retire.  The big tourney at the Venetian will begin in about 5 hours and I'll be awaking to a new day by the time it ends.

So best of luck to all you bloggers.  Enjoy the good times and have a free drink for me.  I'll toast you with my genuine Germany lager at dinner while you sleep.

auf Wiedersehen

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