Thursday, March 12, 2009

So what is this blog about?

A web buddy of mine named Jimmy May and his blog pointed me to a cool little tool called Wordle.  This Java applet analyzes a site or blog and then arrange the most used words.  Here is the Wordle for Special K's Place:

SpecialKsPlaceWordleThis is so interesting to me.  I didn't realize that I overuse certain words the way I do.  I probably use 'probably' too much.  I think I use 'think' to much, too.  It is good to see my bud's names showing up prominently.    I don't see Dr. K, and I know she gets a lot of ink.  Curious.  It is still a fun little tool.  Check it out:

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Instant Tragedy said...

It just takes how ever many items that are on your Rss feed. Nothing more. So if you haven't mentioned Dr K in the last couple of posts... she won't show up.

gl to you

Okie Vegas???