Sunday, November 08, 2009

G-Vegas Poker Conversations

I played poker badly at Badblood’s last night.  The drive down is getting easier and seemingly shorter.  Blood introduced a great new set of clay chips.  They played much better than I.  On several occasions I was not thinking about who I was up against and/or not trusting my reads.  It cost.  I did get lucky late and finished up about $50.

Table conversations:

  • Douchbag Marital Moves – aka bailing a friend out of jail.
  • Boy parts?  I need more Doritos!
  • Having our own personal WSOP on-site reporter
  • Darvin Moon is the worst player ever to make the final table – What?  He’s still in?
  • Stina with a winna
  • Gary Gary the faux fairy
  • Date night poker at Badblood’s
  • The teller at the Sphinx convenience store touched my prostate.

My big lesson on the night: When you notice and admit that you’re playing like crap, there is really nothing to tilt at.

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