Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Booty Ride Wrap-up

The HearUSA 24 Hours of Booty Team had a very successful ride for charity last week.  All four members completed at least 100 miles.  Captain Tracey (“Dr. K”) and John the Trainer (picture left) completed 200 miles in just under 21 hours.

booty team cropped

Personally, I was very happy to participate and glad that I could support my wife in a cause that she is passionate about.  I was also disappointed to have come down with a cold while in Seattle on Wednesday only to have it peak the night of the ride.  I’m thinking that the 3 or 4 days with little sleep in a strange bed and two cross-country flights might not have been the best preparation for the ride.  I had about 91 miles ridden before 4 am, but that’s where I fell out.  I returned to the course about 2 pm to complete my century and to help pack the campsite up.

We completed getting everything in the cars just as the sky opened up.  We literally threw the last two items in the car as the heavy rain began to fall and headed for home. Dr. K insisted on a beer and pizza dinner even though she had not slept all night.  She was pretty punchy by the time we returned home.  In all, the team raised $2785 for cancer research and treatment.  Dr. K is already shopping for a new bike for next year.

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