Sunday, December 05, 2004

Another NC Poker Bust

Late Thursday night, another illegal poker game was busted up. This time in Greensboro. As Mike Sexton would say, the price of poker just went up. The police not only nabbed the operators of the game, but they also collared the players as well.
The full article is here:
A couple of interesting notes from the article. The most surprising was that the police took any extra money that the players had on them, not just the money in play, and that money will be forfit to the state with a guilty plea or conviction. Ouch. So let that be a lesson to all of you tarheel poker players out there. Only take the money that you intend to play with.

The second take-away was the legal nature of Poker in NC. The article states that poker is not illegal in NC, as long as you don't play for money or items of value. Actually, the article just mentions playing for money, but I have read the 'items of value' part enought to believe it.
You will notice from the article that the state got involved because the operators were selling liquor without a license. Of course, if they had a liquor license, they would have lost it for running a poker game. So it looks like the state was only interested in getting it's money. Not paying taxes on the rake and not paying the liquor fees makes the state very angry.
Of course, we all feel safer now that all of those doctors and businessmen are not playing poker at night in that business park. Geeez.

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