Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What won't I Write?

My thoughts always seem so clear when they are in my head. Taken as a whole they are a rambling jumbled mess, but taken one at a time they are clear, cogent, and down right bright on occasion. It is not until I sit to write them down that things start to blur. I never really thought about it (if I had, it would be clear, cogent, blah, blah, blah), but there is a big filter sitting at the base of my brain that tests what comes out for public suitability. This is a fact that my wife would often dispute given that I will say about 83% more than the average person. Not that I talk more, I just say things that other will not.
Every thought goes into the filter. Would this be funny if I said it? Would it offend? Do I want to offend? Only after passing the test does the thought go into the word processor to be published by the mouth or fingers. That is what happens when I sit down to write as I am doing now.
The filter and word processor are like a stone tumbler. I some ways it polishes the ideas up and in other ways it takes the edge off so I end up with a few bright shinys and a bunch of slurry goop.
In deciding what to write, I find myself asking "Do I really want my friends reading THAT?" As you guessed, the answer is often "NO!" When I think about writing out some basic poker strategy I decide that it wouldn't be helpful. First of all, I can't call my self an expert and second, I seem to have a small advantage over my buds, and I don't want to loose that. What I don't show at the table, I don't show here either.
Do I want to write about religion? Sometimes. I'm on a typical Christian journey. I'm looking for truth and justice and I should read the bible more. I think I understand a lot more than I used to and know that I have to keep searching with the time I have left. But some of my understanding would not be understood by those I pray with. I want to share, and I do share a ton with my wife. But I trust her with my life. I'm not to the point where I want to lead anyone and I don't think anyone is at the point where they want me to lead. So I'll keep watching and learning and you won't get any revelations here. Sorry.
One topic that I will go on about is my wife and our relationship. My friends are tired of hearing about it, so I'll go bore cyber-space, but not today.
I admire and pity those without a filter. Life must be a very simple place when you can say what you think and feel and not worry about the consequences. If that is strength, then I'm not that strong. But bluntness does push many people away. There are many treasures in life in sharing with others. You can't push them away and share at the same time. Therefore, I try to do my best to be honest and caring and helpful and nice, and try to keep it in that order. Within that framework, there is almost nothing I won't write.

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