Thursday, December 02, 2004


I've been reading lots of blogs recently. I guess I've grown fascinated by the technology and its power to communicate quickly to a broad audience. This beta of MSN Spaces makes it look easy, so I'm giving my own blog a try. What I write about and how well I write will determine how broad that audience becomes.

So what am I going to write about? My plan is to write about the things that interest me. That will change over time. For now, the major topics will be Poker, Photography, and a little Pool. As I think of other things that begin with 'P', I'll add them. Poker means Texas Hold'em. I like to play. I like to talk about it. I like reading about it. This is what got me started reading the blogs. Any beginning poker player would be helped by reading (, FeliciaLee (, FullContactPoker ( (Daniel Negreanu's site), and Phil Helmuth's site ( Reading these will lead you to other good sites. I had the fortune of meeting the guys who run the LasVegasVegas site on my recent trip to Vegas. Very nice folks who I hope have great success with their site.

Photography means digital now. I tend to take lots of landscapes and a few sports pictures. You could say that I am in my panorama phase. I have been to several sporting events (baseball and football) where I have taken a series of shots and later stitched them together into a panorama that will print out beautifully at 8" high and about a yard long. Now if I can just find frames for the puppies. Waterfalls are still the most fun. Hiking to a nice fall with my wife finding a nice spot to enjoy and maybe take a picture or two (or twenty). I will post some pictures here, but I already have a bunch at my main web page (

Pool will be tales of my exploits in the local pool leagues. I play on an APA team and an 8-ball express league team. I'm ranked as a 6 in both leagues (1-8 scale), but I feel like I'm really a 5. My APA team just finished first in our league, so we feeling good going into the playoffs. Finishing first in the city tournament will mean a free trip to Las Vegas. Whoohoo. More Poker.
So the adventure begins. Enjoy.

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