Friday, January 14, 2005

Bar Poker

Is bar poker going to be the wedge that legalizes poker in North Carolina or will the state crack down? I don't know, but what these guys are doing looks like fun.
By: Brett Tackett & Web Staff
Poker, which just five years ago was considered taboo by many, is fast becoming one of the biggest sporting attractions out there.
More than 150 of the best Triangle players met Thursday for a chance to play for millions in Las Vegas.
"Once I started playing online for play money it just dragged me in,” said poker player Douglas “Moose” Jones. “I haven't been able to stop since."
Jones is the number one player in the World Tavern Poker Tour. He's been raising and folding at poker tables for three years. For the past two he's seen a considerable jump in interest of this centuries-old card game.
“It's grown 100-fold,” he continued.
A prime example is the number of players at the champions tournament at Jillian's in Raleigh.
“We've seen it go from 20 people a night to over 100 people a night,” Jones said.
Many people see an unlimited potential for this game of chance and skill. But the real question is why?
"It started from a guy named Chris Moneymaker who won the World Series of Poker two years ago and was just sort of your average guy who played poker at a house and he won it,” explained Mike Matsinger of the World Tavern Poker Tour.
Players sas when a person sits down and feels the rush of winning or losing it all they're all in.
"Poker's unique among other games and sports in that anybody can sit down with the best in world and play it,”said poker player Ken Wexel. “You have to condition yourself for 25 years to challenge the pros."
In North Carolina it's illegal to gamble with money so instead of winning a big pot of cash, these players are eyeing card tables and poker memorabilia. The ultimate prize is a paid trip to Las Vegas and a chance to win millions in the World Series of Poker.
Jones adaded, “We'll worry about the millions I could win on TV once I get past tonight."
It costs $10,000 to enter the World Series of Poker. The winner of the Tavern Tour gets a free flight, hotel, and the $10,000.

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