Sunday, January 16, 2005

Celebrities and Tsunami Relief

I’m not a TV junkie and I watch very little ‘regular’ TV. But this week I’ve been thrown off of my usually pattern as I’ve been on a business trip to New York City. I end up watching bits and pieces of shows I never see when I’m home.
One thing that I’ve brought away from these bits is the different ways celibritites are contributing to the effort to help Tusnami victims. The first reaction came while watching Joan and Melissa Rivers on the Today Show on NBC. I watched the Today Show because I can see where they do the show from my hotel. Anyway, the interview was about the Oscars and some stupid competition with other broadcasters, nothing serious. Katie Couric asked the pair about their new multi-million dollar contract with TV Guide TV. As the interview was finishing up, Joan makes a point to mention that they were going to donate their dresses from the Oscars to tsunami relief. Their Dresses?!?!? Is that all? That may not be all they are doing, but if it is, they should be terribly ashamed of themelves. I’m glad they are thinking about others that are in need, but I want to know how big a check they wroye. They probably had some designer give them the dress and if not, they will deduct the cost of the dress as a business expense and then as a charitable donation. They are not giving so much as they are grandstanding.
Then I compare that with what I saw tonight. I was surprised to see George Clooney on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country. You never see the big time movie stars on cable news shows, but there was George talking about tsunami relief and a fundraising show that he is putting together. He seemed to know what is going on and was knowledgeable about how to help and what needed to be done. I got the impressions that had spent a lot of his time to put this thing together and was going to spend a lot more to make it a success. He impressed the hell out of me. The contrast between George and Joan/Melssa was startling.
Now I have never been a George Clooney fan. I probably enjoyed Joan Rivers more than George in the past. That has all changed. George is a good guy in my book and I hope he has all the success in the world. As for Joan/Melissa, I hope Star body-slams her onto the red carpet. That I will watch. Otherwise, I will turn the channel anytime I see one of the Rivers girls.

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