Thursday, January 06, 2005

Poker and Community Standards from Winston-Salem

The Winston-Salem (NC) Journal has published an editorial encouraging the state to do what it can to stop Harrah's Cherokee Casino from offering live poker. They claim that poker on the reservation will "constitute one more diminution of the quality of life in North Carolina." This is rich, coming from a town that would love nothing better than to see the return of big tobacco. RJ Reynolds is the reason that city exists. They still have a huge operation in Tobaccoville just north of W_S. Tobaccoville, pleeeease.
I'd like to see the results of a poll which asks "Which is more harmful, cigarettes or poker?"
This editorial is typical small town drivel. Don't get me wrong. I don't count Charlotte as the big time and some great stuff exists and has come out of Winston. Even this UNC alum respects the University of Wake Forest. I'm a member and regular attendee of my local Moravian Church for which the 'Home Church" is located in Winston (Salem actually). Ever been to Old Salem. That was a Moravian settlement from tehe 1760s. I even accepted my first real job at a TV station in Winston and was going to move there before a better offer came along. It is just that I know "small town thinking" when I see it.
North Carolina needs to grow up a bit but the W_S Urinal will hold us back by worrying that NC is going to become like Vegas. The acutal quote is "North Carolina does not want to mimic Las Vegas." Well, I don't think 24 (more) poker tables is going to lead to a new Vegas. It will have the same effect here that it has in Kansas City, Periora, Pheonix, San Jose, Milwaukee, Vancouver, St. Louis, Madison, and many other towns and cities that have live poker.
I'll admit that too much poker playing can have terrible consiquiences. But too much of almost anything can have terrible consiquiences. Too much gambling (playing poker when you don't know what you are doing is gambling) can wreck lives. So can too much drugs (legal or illegal), too much smoking, too much drinking, too much eating, too much TV, too much exercise, too much sun, too much internet, etc.
Poker is sport and should be allowed. I hope it starts soon. Judging by the hits to this blog, I'm not alone.

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