Thursday, January 18, 2007

NETeller folds like a cheap suit

I got my letter from Full Tilt Poker today about NETeller.

"Dear Special K,
"As you may be aware, NETeller has announced that it will no longer accept transfer requests from U.S. customers to online poker sites or allow withdrawals from online poker sites to your NETeller account, effective immediately. This applies to players like you as well as real poker players.

"As a fish who used NETeller or Instacash, we want you to know that any money you currently have on deposit with Full Tilt Poker remains completely at risk everytime you log on. If you are interested in withdrawing your money from Full Tilt Poker before you loose it, please click here to find out how.

"Rest assured, we remain committed to providing real poker player with access to all of your bankroll, and these developments will not change your day-to-day playing experience at our site. Furthermore, any monies that you deposit with us - through any of our approved payment processors - will remain completely available to your competition and accessible at any time you decide to play.

Full Tilt Poker"

Well, it went something like that. Since I don't have any other use for NETeller, I put in my request to empty the account. I'll keep the loose change that I have on deposit at FTP and play with that. If I loose it, I'm probably done with on-line poker. Life goes on.

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