Thursday, March 08, 2007

Short Rundown

So here is a short rundown on my last two weeks:

I've been a lazy bastard about updating this here blog.
I've not been a lazy bastard about my job. It has been busy, but I've done some good work. Funny thing, more work comes rolling in to do.

I've done very well at poker. My last three outings have all been winners. Took second in an underground tournament. I say that because it was really underground, as in basement. I had a good night at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma in a $4-8 cash game and followed that with my biggest night so far at Falstaff's home game. 12 days to Vegas and I've got a bankroll to lose.

I made a list of all the house and home projects that I need to finish. I got 23. Ouch. I have the first 4 ready to complete this weekend.

My doctor told me today that my chloresterol is too high. Looks like it's back to running and watching what I eat. That is overdue anyway.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Time for bed.

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CarmenSinCity said...

I will definitely come hangout with you!!

I love meeting new bloggers. MGM Poker is of course my favorite and I've been slacking on the live poker play. It's a plan.

Send me a message (either an e-mail or a comment) the day you are flying in so that I'll remember please:)