Monday, March 19, 2007

Vegas and the Donkey

Celebrities Spotted:
Antonio Esfandari- DaveB sucked out on his grandmother to take a big pot. Lost it all back later.
Jose Canseco
Eskimo Clark - the dealer warned us not to say his name out loud. Apparently, he can be difficult and the word prick was mentioned.

Worst hand I ever played: First ever session at the Bellagio. I’m up pretty good in the first hour of play here in Vegas. We are playing 4-8 limit. I get dealt A8h in the big blind. The flop comes 9h10hKh giving me the nut flush. I check the flop and call the one bet from the fellow on my left. I bet the turn and call the raise from my left. The action gets heads up going into the river. I bet, he raises, I raise, he raises and on until I am all in. He turns over the JhQh for the flopped straight flush. I had every opportunity to stop and never saw the possible SF. What a donkey.

I went over to Creaser’s where BG and the Nazi are playing and make back 60 of my loses. I guess it is best to get the donk move over with early.

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