Monday, October 15, 2007

Conversation Topics at the Poker Table

Last night was a special Sunday edition of the Falstaff home poker game. We welcomed a returning player (M) who has moved to LA, but was in town this weekend. She even brought a friend along (Big Tony) to give the game some new blood.

Special K had an especially good night taking over $200 (play money, of course) profit for the night. I actually hit some cards for a change. I made some good reads and survived a bad play or two.

The conversation at the table was lively at times. Here is what I remember of the topics discussed:
Cat pee
Naked Actors - Naked Audience
Really bad plays
FedEx Commercials (“Absolutely right, Mr. Turkeyneck”)
Gregory Hines
Vegas in 7 weeks
Thanksgiving is going to suck
Commercial Residuals
Guys showing their stuff
Orange penis joke
The ground can cause a fumble
“Oh, did you straddle?”
Poker lessons from Suzy

As you can see, the Falstaff home game is always fun and never boring. We really don't say it enough - "Falstaff, thanks for hosting!"

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