Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series - Game 3

I cannot believe that the wife and I dropped everything this weekend and went to a World Series game. We left Charlotte at 9:30 Saturday morning and flew to Pheonix. The layover was about 45 minutes, so I was a bit nervous that we would miss our connection an the whole adventure would be a loss, but this was the only flight that we could get at the last minute. We acutally got to Sky Harbor in Pheonix a bit early and got right on our flight to Denver.

My Brother G and his son 'Little G' (who isn't little at all anymore) picked us up, and, after checking into our nearby hotel, we all headed for the ballpark. We have Brother G to thanks for scoring the tickets and offering two of them to us. I think he knows how much it means to my wife to get away right now. Thanks Bro!

Before the game

We've seen more exciting baseball games, but we've never been so exicted to see a game. I knew we were good when I asked the wife if she wanted to walk around or anything, she just smiled and said, "No, I'm juuuuust fine."

Special and Dr. K at the World Series

We got to hear Carrie Underwood do the National Anthem and Phillip Baley do "God Bless America." Craig Biggio stopped by to accept an award. The Red Sox won a game with lots of offense and more excitement that the score would suggest.

I had a real "Rain Kahn" moment when 4 F-16s flew low over Coors Field for the flyover. They looked so close and were so loud as they left that I pretty much couldn't contain myself (though I don't think I yelled 'Bulldozer!'). I have no idea why such a sight has that effect on me, but so be it.

The Brother K and his son G

We hit the airport in Denver this morning at 7:00 (mountain time) and were back home in Charlotte by 1:30 (eastern).

Dr. K and I had planned to see a game in Arizona when we went to pickup up her degree in August, but Mr. C was sick and my wife didn't want to be away from him for any longer than necessary. He was disappointed that we had returned early on his account. He was very serious when he promised to make it up to Dr. K and myself. I really can't shake the feeling that he played a part in this adventure. He kept his word this time just like he always did.

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CarmenSinCity said...

Your bringing me a guy? That's a perfect Christmas present - thanks! I can't wait to meet him :)

Also, I love the World Series pictures!