Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Fun with Photoshop

When Dr. K and I arrived at Crabtree Falls, the scene was perfect. The sky was blue, the sunlight was streaming through the trees, and the water was rolling over the rocks. It was beautiful, except for the kids. As it would happen, a whole pack of we-blows had descended on the spot where I intended to work my pastoral magic.

Dr. K and I suffer kid better than someone, I’m sure, we’ve just never met that person. Putting a few kids in the way of our good time is tantamount to abuse.

Anyway, I still got my shot and a little bit of editing got me the photograph that I was looking for.

First, here is one of the original photos:

Notice the people all over the damn place. We waited for a while, but they were showing no signs of moving on. Next is the final shot that was posted to this blog on Sunday:

The effect was achieved by overlaying two identical shots taken a few minutes apart. Since most of the people had moved around, I was able to digitally cut holes in the top layer to let the clear bottom layer show through. Where this didn’t work, I used the clone stamp tool to blot out the remaining folks (or parts there of).

Digital is soooo much cooler than film.

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