Friday, November 04, 2005

Poker Lesson - Worlds Collide

Tonight, the wife and I went over to her parent’s house. Her dad (Mr. C for those following along) has been under a lot of stress. She (Mrs. K) and her mom have been wanting to learn a bit more about “this poker thing” that I’m always going on about. So tonight we decided to kill both birds by making it a dinner and poker party for the four of us.

Everyone had a good time, that if for sure. It was really freaky watching my wife play. She didn’t have any experience and didn’t get lucky with the cards, but I could see that she will be a tough player if she decides to continue playing. She has a great poker face and manner at the table. Also, I know how fast she learns and if she finds my poker books I’ll be in big trouble. It reminds me of the old Seinfeld episode where George’s worlds are colliding. Husband Special K will KILL poker Special K. Of course, nobody loves Poker Special K so I guess it’s not a big deal.

If you are wondering how the tournament went, I smoked ‘em. It took a bit of a suck out on the last hand where I improved my 2 pair to a boat to beat the MIL’s made flush, but I had lots of outs. I had four to the nut flush (7 outs), 2 non-flush A’s and 2 non-flush 2’s to take the pot. 11 outs for about a 1 in 5 shot.

That brings me to a question that I’d like to hear some opinions on: What is your definition of a suck out?

I don’t what to skew the results of this highly scientific survey, but I’ll give you my opinion. I think it is anytime a hands is dominated 20:1 or more (has a 5% chance or less to win a hand) and then wins, then you’ve got a suck out. You need runner-runner to draw an inside straight and get it (3.1%) that’s a suckout. One shot at an inside straight and hit it (9%), not a suck out. Maybe you think it is. This roughly translates into catching a 2-outer or less. Maybe you’ll loosen your definition to a 3 or 4-outer. Leave a comment. Let me know.

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chris said...

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Chris Lautischer said...

hmmm... isn't poker still just "luck of the hand"?

Anonymous said...

a suck-out, in my opinion, is any time you're ahead going into the river, and your oponent draws out on you. When it is 50-50 going into the river it is not a suck out, but 51-49 or more... I think it is..

Graham Jones said...


'Thought & Humor' said...
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Wes said...

These blogger spams sure are getting more philosophical by the day.

I would say a suckout is when you price a person out of a hand, but the person still continues in the hand and eventually catches it on the river.

Anonymous said...
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The Grunt said...

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Seriously,though, good blogging! I suck at poker, sadly.