Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Turning My Mind to Vegas

It is back to the grind of trying to grab all that life has to offer.

Today I got in a pretty decent day of work before 5 o’clock. I was important to get every case wrapped up and put away for the weekend. Now I am free to turn my mind to Vegas, but not yet.

My Grandmother is in an “elderly health care center”. She developed a blood clot behind one of her knees and has been unable to walk without sever pain for weeks. It put her in the hospital for a while and now they are trying to get her mobility back so that she can return to her house. Current estimates are that it will take 4 or 5 more weeks. The poor woman is not happy about the situation. I can’ blame her. She has always been a home body and now she is forced to eat their food and live on their schedule. I wouldn’t like it either. So to break her monotony, I stopped by for a visit. I don’t know about her, but it made me feel better. I could see that the facility was nice and neat. The staff seems to care about what they were doing. Great, with that done I can turn my mind to Vegas!! but not yet.

Next on the agenda is my Wednesday night pool league. With all of the travel to Europe and Vegas and Vancouver and illnesses, I’ve not been able to make many matches so it was important that I squeeze in a trip to the pool hall. It was a good thing that I did. I pulled a match with a tough opponent. Because of the handicap system used by the APA, I had to win 5 games (8 ball) before he won 4. It started out well enough with me taking the first game. Through good shooting and good luck, he took the next 3 games leaving me to win 4 in a row or post a big L. I got hot and lucky at the right time taking all four of the remaining games to win the match. Post a big win for the Hall of Justice. Now I can really turn my mind to Vegas.

I arrive at 4:20 tomorrow where the Tilt Zero boys will pick me up and put me on my way. I’m ready.


Chris said...

Bring it on Bro, we're ready to see ya...

briangre said...

Best of cards and position to you, SpecialK... we'll be waiting to hear the good beats (and I'm sure a few bad...<G>)

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ChrisWoznitza said...

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Anonymous said...

what a self absorbed, pompous, piece of crap you must be.

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Morgs said...

Hi, i'm Morgs - New around these 'ere parts.
Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, mine went through something similiar with the blood clots, it didn't help that she got this while -in the hospital- recovering from a stroke, she's doing better now.
Good luck to you.

I don't know much about these blogs, but it'd be cool if we could do some sort of exchange, is there a friends list or something?

Alan said...

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Cool insights and pix about Vegas! I should be rolling there next year!

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She was shaken and stirred said...

Sorry about your grandmother.

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