Monday, November 07, 2005

This slide is hurting my butt!

This poker hobby really does hurt sometimes. I seem to be on the loosing streak from hell right now. It must be time to stop playing for a while and go back to studying. I’ve got books scattered all over my desk from guys like Skalnsky, Miller, and Brunson. There must be some wisdom in there somewhere.

I lost $10 on Stars tonight. That is not going to change my lifestyle any, but man it hurts when is comes night after night. Play tight, play loose, it doesn’t seem to matter. If I get a good hand and someone plays back at me, my hand is second. If I get a good hand and I’m in the lead, I find out when everybody else folds and I rake the $.30 in the pot. It is just going like that. I built up my current bankroll form a quarter that was left over from my first go at on-line poker. At it’s height, the quarter reached $370. That was almost exclusively playing Limit. Now it is approaching $100 again. Most of that slide was from playing limit. Now I’m trying some no limit, trying to change my luck. No dice.

The slide continues. I’m going to lay out for this week. I’ll get more work done, work on my pool game, and maybe print some more pictures. I’ll make an exception for Dr. Pauly’s Saturday tournament on Poker Stars, but that is it. Maybe I can save up some mojo in the next 5 days.


diego said...

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Bye, friend!

Special K said...

You got it. We've got to support eachother.

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