Sunday, November 13, 2005


Wow, what a whirlwind. This is Vegas, baby.

Where to start? The poker play is starting to come around. I played positive poker to get back my losses from Friday, but nothing real special.

The party for Doyle was something so special, it was one of those events that I’ll be remembering for years. Of course Doyle Brunson was there in his trademark hat and smile. He is every bit the gentleman that I’ve seen on TV. He sat for pictures with everyone who wanted one. He signed anything that was put in front of him.

The next thing we know Johnny Chan walks in. He too was gracious and a gentleman and as nice as could be. But the reason for the trip became clear. Not just the trip actually, maybe the whole last year starting with the “Tobey Maguire Incident.”

Those who follow this space know some about the illness that is facing my father-in-law, Mr. C. He loves Vegas and wanted to come with me on this trip and I wanted him here. He is always a hell of a lot of fun to be around. Illness kept him home for this trip, but I still wanted to share this event with him. I asked Doyle if he would speak to Mr. C and he said “of course” with out hesitation. I rang him up and he and Doyle chatted for a few minutes.

Fifteen minutes later I ask the same of Johnny Chan and got the same response, an enthusiastic ‘Sure”. My wife reports that Mr. C didn’t get any sleep that night and has had a great time telling his friends and family about his calls. I couldn’t be any happier about how that worked out. Getting this opportunity right at this time goes beyond lucky and moves strongly into miraculous. I am humbled to have been chosen to be the vehicle to make it happen.

After the party we all went down to the poker room to shoot the cover of the first Rounders Magazine with Doyle and Johnny at Binion’s final table. I’ve never done a magazine cover to say the least, but it went really well. I think we got several shots to use.

Then it was time for more poker where I took down another $50. Unlike most of the Tilt Zero crew, I hit the hay about 1:30.

Saturday was consumed by the “Fear and Tilting in Las Vegas” (FATLV) poker tournament. The event attracted almost 200 participants each paying $260. The winner of the event was to take home over $12k cash, a $1500 seat in a 2006 WSOP event, a real nice watch, a very big trophy and other various prizes.

The folks at Binion’s know how to run a tourney. Michael and Carol were running around all night shifting players, breaking tables and keeping players informed as the tourney progressed. I am quite impressed with the Binion’s in general and these two in particular. Kidos.

The tourney started at 6 pm and didn’t wrap unitl almost 3 am with the top two players chopping the money and playing for the seat and other goodies. There was one semi-famous player competing. Andy Nguin (sp?) was the winner of the casino employees event at this past year’s WSOP. Andy was seated, bracelet and all and did very well and making the money.

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Anonymous said...

its shit

Lisa said...

You're a good son-in-law, very good man.

Hope you're father-in-law's health improves.