Friday, July 20, 2007


Blogging is slow these days. It’s time for a catchup post.

Congratulations to Dr. Pauly, FlipChip, and all my other friends who just completed covering the World Series of Poker. They not only survived the entire 45 days, but they produced the best poker coverage ever witnessed by man. If you didn’t follow the stories, behind the scenes looks, deals, prop bets, and pictures from the Rio, then you missed out. Great job, guys.

I’ve just started a new job with the same employer. I really don’t know how much of a new job it is since I’ll be doing the same stuff with new customers. These customers are going to be larger and general more important. Some of the work we do could actually mean life or death for the end users. That’s pretty heady stuff for a database guy.

But before I get too far into the new job, I’ve got some vacation time to take. Due to the illness in the family, we won’t be going on our planned trip to Aruba. Mrs. K and I agreed that this was not the time to be gone for a week. I’m hoping we can take this trip in Dec or January. We have until April to take the trip without losing it.

My poker play is pretty stagnant. I’m not winning a lot and I’m not losing a lot. I have tried playing a few sit & go’s with one 4th of 90 cash and a 2nd out of 90 out of the money finish. The latter was a super satellite where the winner was to go on to a satellite to a $50k tourney. Maybe next time.

We’ve been getting a bunch of things done around the house. I’ve been picking things off of my list since March. My travel schedule in May and June slowed me down, but I’m home now with at-home vacation coming up, so I going to put it into turbo “Tim Taylor” mode and knock out a few more items.

More catching up later…


Tcsparky said...

I hope you enjoy your new job. Good luck with it! Can't help you with your poker. Truth is, I don't want your poker to improve. It's too hard to take money off you now as it is!!

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