Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surburban Rock Hill Freezeout

As good as the ending to Sunday’s game was, this was bad. At least the buy-in was relatively low. I drew the A and, therefore, the dealer button as my seat. It would be the only thing I won all night. Actually, that is overstating it. All night only lasted one hour and 5 minutes.

I started by seeing two flops in small raised post with suited A. Neither hit. I fold to bets on the flop. I played suited J-6 from the big blind. Hit the flush on the turn when I had to call an all in for 2/5ths of my stack. All-in had suited Q to take it.

Next hand I'm playing 4h5h from the small blind. Me., button and big blind play unraised. Flop is a flush with a 4. check-check-check. Turn is a 4. I bet, bb folds and button raises 100. I call. Turn is a blank. I bet another 60, he calls and show the other 4 with a bigger kicker. One orbit complete and I’m down under 600.

I play QK to a small raise. Flop is a blank for me. Falstaff bets and I fold. He gets one caller. Turn is a Q and river is a K. They both run up a good pot and Falstaff’s paired 8 is beaten by the callers pocket 10-10.

I sit quiet with dead cards through the next level looking for something to push. I get QQ second to last hand before the break. I push the 300 left. Player (Matt) on my left insta-calls and one other player calls. Matt pushed him out on the flop and turns over AA. I don’t impove. I'm out first.

I made no bad plays that I can see but still did not win a hand. That's the way it goes some nights. Falstaff is down as well and is the next player out. We hit the road and I'm home by 10:15.

On the bright side, we didn't waste a lot of time just to go out on the bubble and the buy-in wasn't very high. It is also a lot easier to remember all of the hands I played.

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