Monday, July 30, 2007

A good night at the table

Yea, it was a very good night. The gang gathered for a special Sunday edition of the Falstaff home game. Schedules had been busy with plays, charity rides and some work thrown in here and there. All of which means that we hadn't gotten together is a few weeks, so we finally found the time last night.

I started out pretty good by pushing Falstaff off of two good pots with a set of 3s and a flopped nut flush. I only showed the set. I took another good pot when my all-in with a set of 2s got two callers and held. That got me up near $100. Falstaff noted that I had raised three times early in the night which doubled my total for the year. I like the tight image.

I took a couple of beats too. Dan made a runner-runner baby flush to beat my slow-played trip kings. DavidB sucked out on my top pair of jacks by chasing a flush draw but instead hitting a case A on the river.

Nick I. hit quad 3s to take the high hand and the running bonus. John hit a wheel straight flush (I think he called it the iron wheel?) after the bonus period to felt the bonus pot. In both hands, they only held one playing card (Nick a 3 and John the A).

The big hand of the night happened on the last orbit. I was on the button with KK raising the straddle to $4. I got 4 callers. The flop was K-9-6(J). Dan led out for $5. John called and Nick A. (yes, it was a two Nick night) went all-in for $56. I hesitated a bit for show and then called. Nate calls. Dan folds and Falsteff goes in the tank chattering-on about the pot odds and having outs, but he folds (for the record he had J-10). I only have $2.50 in front of me, so Nate and I push the rest in blind on the side. Nate turns over AK and Nick turns over 9-6. Fours on the turn and river give me an unneeded boat and I raked the pot of the night.

I finished the night with $214 off of a $30 buy-in. I’ll take it every time.

We have a special Tuesday night tournament this week. Hopefully, my luck will continue running good.

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