Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some games are more than just fun

Some friends came to my in-laws house to play some poker last night. I play poker because I like too. Most of my friends that play poker play for the fun of it as well. Last night, we played Mr. C playes pokerpoker because we like someone who likes playing poker. As the long-time reader of this blog and a few others know, my father-in-law is very sick with cancers. He actually has three cancers now and it facing more surgery next week.

Mr. C is more than just a father-in-law, friend, father, grandfather or mentor to many of the people he has come to know over the years. He is one of those rare individuals that truly touch the lives of the fortunate folks who cross paths with him. Since he has taken sick, people that worked with and for Mr. C, friends, lost classmates, and many others have been coming out of the woodwork. They express their concerns, offer to help, or just chat. His friends and family have started a scholarship in his name at UNC Charlotte and have donated over $50k to fund a full scholarship and are working toward a second. Seeing how people around Mr. C have reacted to his illness gives me peace in the knowledge of the morality and selflessness of our fellow men and women. I’ll only be able to put into words, a tiny fraction of what he means to me. I’ll have to save that for a future post.

Special K's chip tricks are much better than his gameOn Saturday night, Mr. C wanted to play poker. He has enjoyed playing cards since he played pinochle every day with his ailing father over a forty years ago. My wife told me a story about the future Mrs. C having to wait to go on a date because Mr. C hadn’t played cards with his fatheryet that day. My wife, Mrs. K, plays daily backgammon games with Mr. C now. Those are going to be extraordinary memories for her in the coming years.

On Friday night at Falstaff’s home game, I mentioned that Mr. C wanted to play but couldn’t get out. I didn’t have to say another word. Everyone that could make it was ready to go. Falstaff started working on getting Mrs. Falstaff her date in time to still make the game. Diamond Jim and T were on board as well.

So on Saturday, we all gathered at Mr. C’s casino. My cards and my game sucked really bad, but that really didn’t matter (well, in reality, I still got really pissed off and had to cool off for a while, but that is part of the game). What really mattered was that good folks rose to a good cause.

The bottom line is that Mr. C had fun. My wife, her family, and I are so very grateful. Every good night for him is rare and precious these days. You all gave him and us a great present. And you thought you just came over to play poker.


Tcsparky said...

I had a great time. Thanks for inviting me. It was an honor to be there.

You did a good thing by having hte game there.

Falstaff said...

Anything for a friend. Anything, anytime.