Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The calm before the storm

The past few days have been slow, but then again, maybe that was just the last hour.  In the past month, we've had our oven break, our refrigerator go out, and our heat go out.

The heat took a call to the heating and air company that I use and it was fixed within about 2 hours and $600.  Good thing, too.  It went down to 15 here in Charlotte that night.

The fridge got replaced with a new stainless steel hulk of a fridge.  We now have an ice maker (which we didn't have before) and much less noise in the kitchen.

As for the new range, well, what we got wasn't new.  It was actually a killer deal on a used range from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.  We got a $450 unit for $200 and the money goes to build homes for the deserving poor.

After the fiasco with the gas line a year ago, Dr. K was not about to let me install the new gas range by myself.  Luckily, my uncle D is in town to help with Granny C's final arrangements.  Since his profession was that of a mechanical engineer, he got the Dr. K seal of approval for gas appliances.  It took us 20 minutes to swap the units.

Now that the house in in order I can get away with some travel.  In the coming days I have trips to Hopewell, VA (Granny C's memorial), Tucson, AZ (business meeting), Vancouver, WA (another business meeting), vegas (a few hours of poker), and Gaithersburg, MD (presenting a workshop).

Time to get on with it.


Jim The Knife said...

And now that kitchen is in order, isn't it time to host another poker night???

Best to Dr. K

Special K said...

I think that is a good idea. Let me get past the next 2 weeks of travel and I'll put something together.